Hooping: Magnified Connection eBook collaboration

Dear fellow hoop enthusiast!

My name is Cassandra B residing in Calgary, Alberta and my goal, my joy and my intention is to expand flow arts among more hearts and souls in society to bring about greater inspiration and happiness in peoples’ lives. Every jam, performance, class, workshop, Facebook post, happenstance interaction and on embodies this for me and no doubt for you as well. With this in mind I would like to invite you to participate in helping me create an ebook – Hooping: Magnified Connection. I would like to gather your feedback into an inspirational guidebook for experienced and beginner hoopers alike. While there are all kinds of writings on hooping across the internet, a collaborative compilation regarding the increased connection hooping has brought to our lives has yet to be created. Personally my hoop has magnified friendships, magnified my connection to my true self and magnified my appreciation for the universe… So I would love for you to share your unique story for how a simple plastic tube with some sparkly tape has magnified the connections of your life! By participating in this effort I will gladly send you a completed copy of the ebook. I’m hoping this shall be the first of a series of books that attempt to reveal the magic flow props bring to their spinners as there are infinite facets beyond ‘hoop connections’ to explore. I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience of spinners; if you would like to share your story to be included with those of many other influential hoopers please submit your response to CassandraBProps@gmail.com. As well I would appreciate your sending your name and company or group name as you’d like it to appear and where ‘homebase’ is for you. Whether you wish to share just a few words or a more elaborate explanation please be free to express yourself, I don’t wish to limit your word count. Once I’ve received a substantial number of entries I’ll complete all the editing and formatting then issue you a copy. I’m sincerely thrilled to read your connection driven responses and see how they all come together to inspire and resonate with our readers!
If you have any questions I’m happy to communicate 🙂
With light and love,
Cassandra B
Cassandra B Props
P.S. If you know any proficient hoopers who would happily contribute to this effort please feel free to forward this message on!

One comment

  1. Hey just trying to help a friend of mine find some poi spinners in Calgary. I’d be happy I help but I’m all the way up in fort mcmurray. You still active there? If so, plz contact me on Facebook or on YouTube. I check both daily. Thanks!

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